Tool Kits
Several of you have inquired about the resources available in the TBI tool kit and how you can get these materials yourself... Listed below are a list of the materials, most current price, and vendor.

Disclaimer: We do not have any monetary interest in any of the providers.

SC Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Tool Kit

Parents and Educators as Partners by Lash and Cluett- $25.00 (Lash and Associates)
A workbook on helping your child after brain injury

Signs and Strategies for Educating Students with Brain Injuries by Lash, Walcott, and Pearson- $30.00 (Lash and                      Associates)
A practical guide for teachers and parents

Students with Brain Injury by Kimes, Lash, and Savage- $20.00 (Lash and Associates)
Challenges for identification, learning and behavior in the classroom

Brain Development in Children and Adolescents by Savage- $10.00 (Lash and Associates)
What happens after brain injury?

Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors by Bruce, Gurdin, and Savage- $30.00 (Lash and Associates)
Of students with brain injuries

An Educator’s Manual by Savage and Wolcott- $20.00 (Lash and Associates)
What educator’s need to know about students with brain injury

The Essential Brain Injury Guide, 4th edition- $60.00 (Brain Injury Association of America)

The Child’s Brain by Savage- $10.00 (Lash and Associates)
Injury and Development

Compensatory Systems by Glang, Sohlberg, and Todis- $20.00 (Lash and Associates)
For students with brain injuries

All About IEP’s by Wright, Wright, and O’Connor- $12.95 (Amazon)
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about IEP’s

Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents by Dawson and Guare- $26.25 (Amazon)
A Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention

Students with Acquired Brain Injury by Glang, Singer, and Todis- (unknown; purchased from "used" books on Amazon)
The School’s Response

Children and Youth Sample Packet of Tip Cards- $55.00 (Lash and Associates)