Creating TBI Teams
Wouldn't it be nice if each school district had a TBI team? If you knew who to call when it was time for your child to return to school? If the process was a little easier?  Click below to read results from 5 South Carolina families surveyed as well as input from the professionals they worked with.

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Our Goal
Several other states are putting together TBI teams to help students return to school. Learn more about their programs to get ideas for here at home.

Other States
Tips, Contacts, and Tools for State Agencies

The purpose of this tool kit is to support your State's traumatic brain injury (TBI) program in developing relationships with your State's departments of education and special education and other key children and youth organizations. The tips, contacts, and tools provided will allow you to increase their knowledge of children and youth and traumatic brain injury—ultimately to achieve the goals of identifying all students with traumatic brain injury and building the capacity within your State to appropriately serve them.

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Tool Kit