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TBI 101


Interested in going to college? Need special accommodations? Need advice? 
How to apply for services?
Unsure of how to make the transition between high school and college...or transition into the adult world.

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Going back to school...Quick Tips
  • Take rest breaks throughout the day
  • Keep a routine
  • Allow extra time for assignments and tests
  • Use a notebook to write down assignments
  • Write down your schedule
  • Break projects into smaller steps
  • Get a peer note taker
  • Get a study buddy
  • Tape record lectures
  • Meet with your teacher on a regular basis
  • Eliminate distractions, find a quiet spot to study
  • Arrange for preferential seating
  • Ask for clarification if you don't understand
  • Get a duplicate set of books for home
  • Ask for assistance getting from class to class
  • Use a highlighter for key points when reading
  • Slow down and double check
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Use a calculator and dictionary
  • Choose less demanding courses

Kid's Corner
504 or IEP
Executive Skills