Mild brain injury and concussions are gaining national attention....finally!

Concussions can happen to any athlete, at any time. It doesn't matter if you are playing football or baseball or even riding a skateboard...accidents happen.
Concussions are a type of brain injury!

Early signs of concussion include: 
Confusion, Agitation, Dizziness, Headache, Nausea, and Vomiting.

Symptoms to look for later on:
Ongoing headache, Ringing in Ears, Poor Attention and Memory, Restlessness, Depressed, Changes in Sleeping Habits, Easily Fatigued, Irritability, Changes in Vision, and Slower Processing.

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An estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million sports and recreation related concussions occur in the United States each year.
We are very excited to announce that in June 2010, the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina was awarded a grant, 2010 Head’s Up! SC, from the SC Developmental Disabilities Council.  The objectives of this grant were to educate coaches across the state of South Carolina in both youth recreational and high school sports on concussion identification and management.  After extensive research, we have found that many high schools throughout the state do not have a method for identifying and properly treating a concussion once their player(s) have experienced a concussion.  It is our hope that through resources and tools given to us from many agencies, such as the Center for Disease Control and SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, Injury and Violence Prevention Division, we can provide these particular schools with the education for better identifying and treating concussions within their athletic program.

Since receiving the grant, numerous individuals, agencies and organizations have offered their tremendous support and we plan to partner with these supporters to better achieve our goals.  Head’s Up! SC will continue to help us further our mission as an organization of “creating a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy.”

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South Carolina's Student athlete Concussion law, began June 7, 2013.
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