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All About Returning to School

  • Educate teachers and peers involved with student on the effects of traumatic brain injury
  • Provide instruction at home until student is ready to return to school.
  • Prepare student for re-entry into school.
  • Modify schedule as needed.
  • Assist student to cope with physical environment of school.
  • Use instructional materials which are age appropriate and suitable to student skill and interest.
  • Employ various instructional strategies for students with head injuries.

  • Provide large print books or books on tape for students with visual - perceptual processing difficulties.
  • Use computer assisted basic skills programs in reading and math.
  • Use computer programs to help student re-develop cognitive skills.
  • For students with fine motor difficulties who find it difficult to use the standard keyboard, use alternate methods to access the computer
  • Use adapted computer access technology (eg. screen enlargement software) to help students with limited vision to access information provided on the computer screen.
  • Allow the student to tape lectures.
  • Teach the student with specific memory problems to use prosthetic memory aids.
504 or IEP