Did you know that each year over 1000 South Carolina students are returning to school after sustaining a brain injury?  Many are examined in an ER or doctor's office after falling, being hit on the head, or for a collision on a bike. High school students are often hurt playing sports or in car accidents. Some never even see a medical professional. School re-entry becomes a challenge after coming home from the hospital or rehabilitation program. Few families or even teachers know what to expect. 
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Having problems paying attention? Can't remember to do your homework? Your friends don't visit like they use to? Remember, brain injury affects everyone differently...what about you? 
Need help deciding on college?

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How can you help your child get back to school?  To college?  Parents who understand the consequences of brain injury and know how to advocate for their children will have the key resources needed for success. 

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Do you have the resources you need to accommodate a student with a TBI?  Myths from facts...do you know the differences?  Can you manage behavior changes?  
An IEP or 504?

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The Brain Injury Navigator, partnered between Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital and the SC Developmental Disabilities Council, is designed to make finding existing resources and support materials easier. In just a few clicks, you will be able to access information regarding a smooth transition from home to school. Teachers, therapists, and parents often ask what they can do to help these students succeed in the classroom...
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